Meeting the Needs of Learning Different Students

New Horizon School offers a unique opportunity for bright, emotionally stable young people who are falling behind in regular classes because their basic reading, spelling, writing and mathematics skills are underdeveloped.

Such students are often inappropriately labeled as lazy. In reality, they may have learning differences which require a  learning environment that most schools are not able to offer.

Our students may have been diagnosed with a specific language deficit, perceptual deficits, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, nonverbal learning disability and/or attention issues. Some may also experience school phobia or depression. Many have gone undiagnosed and often feel deeply discouraged by previous school failures. Typically, our students have been unsuccessful learners in traditional classrooms.

Our Approach

New Horizon School uses a holistic, multi-sensory approach to facilitate the development of each student’s unique learning potential. Our goal is to provide both remediation and enrichment to ensure success at New Horizon School or in other educational settings. We follow the core belief of universal design, making learning accessible to all students. 

The school is based on a family model. Small classrooms form an intimate, nurturing learning environment in which self-esteem and confidence can grow.

Our positive social-emotional learning environment promotes:

  • Self-awareness

  • Self-advocacy

  • Social awareness

  • Self-management

  • Decision making

  • Academic skills

  • Goal setting

The day school serves middle and high school students grades 7th- 12th, while our after school and summer programs provide services for students from elementary age through adulthood. Coursework follows California State Standards and is often transferable for secondary students.

Our Staff

New Horizon School & Learning Center is led by Marianne McCarthy Campbell, MA. Marianne is a Learning Disabilities Specialist and Educational Therapist. She is supported by an exceptional team of educators who possess the skills, experience, and commitment to make a real difference in the lives of learning different students.

See our staff page for a complete list with photos and biographical information.

State Certified, Non-Profit

New Horizon School is a state certified, nonprofit, educational organization staffed by teachers certified in a variety of specialties.

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“I have been working in the Disability Resources Department at Santa Rosa Junior College for approximately 17 years as a Learning Disability Specialist who assists students with learning disabilities. During this time, I have had several opportunities to work with students who have graduated from New Horizon School.

Students from New Horizon come to the Junior College well prepared to meet the demands of college. They tend to have excellent learning strategies and are able to articulate what academic accommodations they require in order to be successful. New Horizon students also have realistic goals and know how to go about achieving these goals by utilizing their solid planning skills together with the services offered by Disability Resources and the college.

I have also been very impressed with how the teachers and staff at New Horizon continue to support their students into the college years and beyond. We have been fortunate to have some of the New Horizon teachers work part-time at Santa Rosa Junior College. They are highly regarded for their excellence in teaching and their commitment to student success.

New Horizon has been an important option for an excellent education in our community for students with learning disabilities or learning differences. They have provided a small environment, high student expectations and a standard of excellence that is enviable. Through the years, I have had the good fortune to be able to refer students in the community to New Horizon for school, summer school, tutoring or private consultations. We have been very fortunate to have New Horizon in our community for all of these years.”

-Catherine Reisman, M.A. Learning Disabilities Specialist Speech & Language Pathologist