Programs Designed for Special Needs

New Horizon School & Learning Center offers a full and partial day school program as well as after school programs (individual, paired, or small group tutoring sessions are available).

Day School

The Day School is our primary program, providing full-time and part-timeschooling. We offer a comprehensive selection of studies based on the common core with an emphasis of basic skill and intellectual development. We focus on language based skills including oral composition, reading, written language, and spelling. Other important areas of curriculum are auditory and visual perception and processing, mathematics computations and application, thinking and problem solving, study and organizational skills, research, use of technology/software and transition/career planning. Art, music, social skill development and physical education are integral parts of our program.

Curriculum is enhanced by participation in a variety of related educational field trips, community based cultural events, and outdoor education. 

New Horizon School provides highly individualized learning programs for each student based on his or her specific learning style, strengths and weaknesses, and diagnostic assessments. Medical information, if relevant, is always factored into program design. The class ratio varies from 1:3 to 1:10.

Students receive individualized remediation and educational therapy as part of their program to ensure development of underlying skills. Students are taught to integrate study skills techniques in their classes and to develop self-advocacy skills.

Coursework is designed to meet requirements for a high school diploma, and credits are transferable to public and private schools.

Educational Therapy

Learning anxiety, low self-esteem, resistance to learning and learned helplessness can be a direct result of learning difficulties. Educational therapy is an intensive, interactive, one-to-one therapeutic process that allows for the healing of emotional and educational wounds. A strong relationship between the student and learning specialist provides the security needed for students to be willing to learn.

Each session involves remediation of underlying perceptual deficits and the development of academic and intellectual skills. The willingness to learn and take educational risks is renewed as students experience success.

After School and Summer School Programs

Our after school program is designed to assist students enrolled in other private or public schools. All services provided by our learning center are available for students attending our day school.

Individual, paired and group small group sessions are available in:

  • Reading (decoding and comprehension)
  • Writing /Language Arts 
  • Spelling
  • Math (computation and problem solving)
  • Study and organizational skills
  • Keyboarding/Word Processing/Adaptive Tech

Support assistance is also available in content areas including:

  • World and U.S. History
  • Government
  • Economics
  • Life and Physical Science
  • Algebra
  • Geometry


New Horizon School & Learning Center offers a summer program of individually designed instruction for students with special needs and for teens seeking to make up academic credits for diploma.

Instruction is based on diagnostic information provided by parents or by placement tests. Our goal is to strengthen specific learning skills and enhance self-esteem.

This summer learning experience can help students maintain, develop and integrate skills necessary for ongoing school success. Costs vary according to class size and number of credits needed. 

Educational Therapy & Tutorial (Elementary, Middle & High School)

One-to-one educational therapy sessions or remedial tutorials in math, reading, writing, and/or study skills, are available throughout the summer. We also provide transition services/ preparation for elementary students going into middle school, middle school to high school, and high school to college. 

Fee Schedule

  • One-time registration fee: $75
  • Day School $35,00
  • Educational therapy: $70–$95/hour
  • Individual tutorial: $60-$80/hour
  • Consultation: $125/hour
  • Assessment: $125-$250/hour
  • Small group: varies $40 to $55/hr

For further information and application

Please leave a voice mail message for Karen at 1 (707) 579-3723 or send us an email.

Consultation Services

New Horizon School learning specialists provide consultation services to parents, teachers, therapists, and administrators regarding individual student profiles, specific educational needs, and program design.

Recommendations and referrals to outside specialists are made based on the compilation of information, the understanding of specific learning deficits, individual learning styles, and specific targeted outcomes.


“Our daughter is a senior at New Horizon School. She is an enthusiastic and intelligent individual who was not able to succeed in the public school system. By the middle of 10th grade she was failing and miserable.

“We are very grateful for the teachers and staff of New Horizon School for restoring our daughter’s confidence and pride in herself. We have complete faith in Marianne Campbell’s and Deborah Greene-Jacobi’s (and the rest of the staff’s) skill and commitment.

“Our daughter’s IEP goals are on target. Her grade point average has increased. Her academic skills have improved. She was accepted into the Oregon Shakespeare Festival 2006 Summer Seminar for High School Juniors.

“None of this would have been possible without the dedication, understanding, experience and skill of the teachers, staff and administration at New Horizon School.”

Melody Clark