Day School

The day school is our primary program, providing full-time and part-time schooling. We offer a comprehensive selection of studies based on the common core with an emphasis of basic skill and intellectual development. We focus on language based skills including oral composition, reading, written language, and spelling. Other important areas of curriculum are auditory and visual perception and processing, mathematics computations and application, thinking and problem solving, study and organizational skills, research, use of technology/software and transition/career planning. Art, music, social skill development and physical education are integral parts of our program.

Curriculum is enhanced by participation in a variety of related educational field trips, community based cultural events, and outdoor education. 

New Horizon School provides highly individualized learning programs for each student based on his or her specific learning style, strengths and weaknesses, and diagnostic assessments. Medical information, if relevant, is always factored into program design. The class ratio varies from 1:3 to 1:10.

Students receive individualized remediation and educational therapy as part of their program to ensure development of underlying skills. Students are taught to integrate study skills techniques in their classes and to develop self-advocacy skills.

Coursework is designed to meet requirements for a high school diploma, and credits are transferable to public and private schools.