We provide individualized learning programs for learning different and dyslexic students. Our programs integrate educational therapy, remedial assistance, creative expression and self-esteem building utilizing a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach to facilitate the development of each student’s unique learning potential.

New Horizon School & Learning Center is a state certified, non-profit educational organization based in Santa Rosa, CA.



We invite friends of New Horizon School and community to  Donate to Our School.  We are also looking for donations that may be used as auction items for an upcoming fundraising event (wine, gift baskets/cards, vacation homes, plane/boat experience, pet service, sporting/concert event tickets, or anything someone may want to purchase at a fundraising auction). Your donations are tax deductible. We will provide a Tax ID number and non-profit certification form on request.             

Wish List:

  • Donations for scholarships

  • Educational technology and software

  • Funding for our music and arts programs

  • Funding for outdoor ed and field trip

Additional Information:

New Horizon School

Recent News:

-Craft Fair Items for Sale

-Location New Horizon School

 -Please call to view items 707-579-3723

(December 17th-21st 2018)

Link: See Craft Fair Items Tab Above

Link: See Craft Fair Items Tab Above

“It’s no overstatement to say that I’m not sure where my son would be if it weren’t for New Horizon School.

“There were no adequate resources for him when we lived in Marin County and we were directed to New Horizon. He went to New Horizon from 6th grade through high school graduation. His early comment was, ‘I like it here. Everybody is just like me.’

“His learning disability is not obvious but the teachers and counselors at New Horizon found out how to help him learn and graduate. They also helped him find himself and his love for music.

“We found greater cooperation than with any other school. My wife remarked once, ‘I have not had to fight with anyone to get what our son needs.’ New Horizon has been exactly what we needed"

-Paul and Angela Newman

New Horizon School is a project of Life Management Institute, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit educational organization.