“I worked at Nevada PEP, the Dept. of Education funded and mandated Parent Training Information Center, as an advocate fighting for supports and accommodations for children with disabilities.

“When I found we had to move to the Bay Area, I looked to find the best school possible for my own daughter, Rose, whose extensive learning disabilities frustrated her attempts to learn from the time she was a toddler. Where we moved was not as important to me as what school Rose would attend.

“New Horizon was the place this professional advocate chose as soon as we took the tour. Rose’s complicated IEP goals, life-long school frustrations and need for patience from teachers were such important issues to me that I searched the entire Bay Area and found a lot of wonderful schools. But only New Horizon met every test for advocacy, support, small class size, individualization, amazing teachers and dedication from everyone involved.

“This amazing school more than met my hopes. It was the best thing that ever happened to my Rosie.”

Andrea Dorfman